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I was checking out a Cadillac touring car. In the owner's manual is a Cadillac plate, which I guess was once on the dash or firewall. Trouble is, the engine number on this plate does not match what is on the block, nor is it even the right TYPE of number: no letters, too many digits, etc. Does anybody recognize what year Cadillac this plate is from? Also where should it be mounted? Funny thing is, patent dates end early 20s, which sounds about right for the car. Only the engine number seems strange! Many thanks, Mike Barnes, Canada


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I can't answer that except to say that the plate you have may not belong to your car. Cadillac sometimes used the same data plate for 2 or more years before updating the plate. I believe that 29 was about the last year they used a plate with all the patent dates. Maybe someone on the forum with a late 20's Cadillac can tell you what the newest patent date is on their plate.

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Hi there,

I own a 1924 Cadillac with original engine, gearbox and body plate and all have the common number of 63A 1626. The plate goes on the firewall on the engine side on the drivers side. I also have an authenticity manual from the CLC USA for 1924 to 1929 Cadillacs that shows chassis series numbers at the begining of each one is as follows:

Model V63A-...... 1924 Cadillac but engine numbers 63A-1000 to 63M-1550.

Model V63B-...... 1925 Cadillac but engine numbers 63M-1551 onwards.

328..... 1929 La Salle Cadillac but engine numbers 400001 to 422961 (328 ci)

341B.... 1929 Cadillac no information on these numbers

It comes from Pages 13 and 68 of that manual.

I hope this helps.


Grant P

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