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455 Engine number search

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Bought a 73 Riv Friday night and today worked at verifying the numbers. Found the casting numbers at the rear of the engine and they checked out for 73 Riv, found the stamped codes between third and fourth plug on drivers side and they checked out as XF block.

Then went looking for numbers stamp with last 6 VIN numbers in it. Did my research here and Team Buick and everything I found said the stamp would be under the power steering pump on the drivers side of the front of the block. Cleaned off the flat place and there were no numbers. Was about to lower the car off the lift when I decided to look on the right side of the engine, passenger side. Sure enough behind the oil filter there is a flat place and I thought I saw numbers so I cleaned it with lacquer thinner and small wire brush and bingo, there were the numbers including the last 6 from my VIN.

I have another 73 Riv and it did not have the flat spot behind the oil filter and the flat spot below the power steering pump does not have any numbers. Not sure where they may be. It appears the block may have been decked since there are no codes on the flat spot between third and fourth plug on drivers side.

I welcome any suggestions on where to look. I have posted this in Riviera Forum also.

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I can't answer your question; I just wanted to say what a great looking Riviera you have.

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