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Hi all you 1957 1958 Buick enthusiasts!

I am cleaning up the and like to sell out some of the parts I have at my friends shop in Tempe AZ. I here just a week, so I wil try to post what I have.

I have parts from a 57 Four door HT Century which incl:

  • 1 Dynaflow transmission in quite good condition
  • some few parts from a 73 Roadmaster Four door HT
  • 3 good bumperguard ends
  • 2 frontgrill and upper grillbar lip in nice shape and condition, one Century and one Roadmaster
  • frontbumperguard for Century + Roadmaster
  • 2 complete finned aluminum brakedrums, with backplate, brakes etc..
  • 1 good hood for the Century
  • 1 four barrel intake in very good condition SOLD!
  • 2 good vacumtanks SOLD!

+ a lot of other parts, some good once and some for restoring. I have not priced the parts yet, but I will do as soon as possible, and on request.

PS! The engineblock was cracked on my 66R. So I was lucky and able to buy a 4 door HT with 3 stick, and will put that engine and transmission in to the Coupe. Will make a nice combo due to the fact that I am building a "old school" time periode tuned car, with dual carb`s on a Offenhauser intake.....

Hope I can help some of you guys out with what you need.:)


1957 Buick Century Model 63 & 66R

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Topper: Interested in the Upper Roadmaster Grill Bar and the bumper corner end pieces. I PM'd you on Saturday and waiting to hear back from you regarding condition and prices. Let me know when you can soon.


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Do you have a windndow regulator for the driver door on the Roadmaster? If so, please give me a call. My names Breeanna and my number is (619) 772-2020.

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