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T-Type steel steering wheel ring!

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Yeah, the original was plastic, and mine broke. I hate cheap s*** and I hate breaking s***, so I try to fix things the right way the first time so I never have to worry about it again.:D The bad part is that I'm not really very good at working with my hands, so I end up with a chewed up part like the one on my car. lol. Once the CNC program is written, I'm going to make the rings first, make sure they are all good, then sell them.

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Because I didn't pay anything for mine, and I can sell them for $10. (EDIT: I could have sold them for $10, but now the 3 foot chunk of metal I was making them from has been given away by mistake... Oh well...) I made the current one when I first started working with lathes and mills, but now I know how to run CNC, so I'm going to make a new one and personalize it.

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