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6th Generation hood insulation

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I bought a universal replacement pad from CARS, Inc in New Jersey for my '85. It's marbley black/gray on the engine side and a black skin on the hood side.

I cut it to match the old one and punched the nine holes in it for the plastic retainer buttons. I didn't use any glue on it at first because I wanted to be able to shift it around to get the buttons back in the mounting holes. After a few you are pretty well committed.

Anyway, after getting it installed it sags along the fender sides because there is no place provided to put buttons there and didn't have any in the first place. So first I tried Permatex adhesive spray and wedged a cardboard box against the insulation and let it sit for an hour or so. Sagged. Then I tried emblem adhesive with the same result. Then I tried Gorilla Super Glue and shut the hood down on some blankets to provide pressure against the insulation and let it sit overnight. Still sags. Does anybody out there have experience with this or any suggestions but I don't want to remove it at this point.

Rust Never Sleeps

B Dub

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