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Guest preolt

Hey AAC,

This is my first time on the forums. My grandfather has just passed away and left us most of his possessions. This includes almost three ware houses and 2 homes worth of things collected over the year that his wife (my grandmother) wants nothing to do with. She wants to throw it all away.

I am trying to work quickly for her and throw away and sell what is of value. My grandfather believed in buying in bulk so I have 2 almost complete auto mobile quarterly sets with only a few books missing from each. What are these going for? I see on ebay they are up to 12$ per book and some people are selling them for crazy high prices like 1000$ or 3,500$. I would be happy to get 200 for them, and that still to me sounds like alot.

The books are brand new for the most part, some never even opened. I have from vol. 1 up to vol. 43 along with the indexs for each. Their are a few books missing that I can list and all of vol. 8 for some reason. They are beautiful books that I would love keep for myself for reference and leisure but sadly our small apartment has no space for them. Would I be best off selling the books individually or as the almost complete set?

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These are great sets, the problem is that you need to find someone close to you, as shipping the set is very expensive. Where are you located? Selling the set might not bring you as much total dollars, but it will not bring you the pain of selling piece by piece.

Ah, family planning for the family treasures. Or scam. Who knows these days?

Good luck if family....

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Guest Jeromes

I to have a set of Automobile Quarterly left by my father. They are from issue 1 to ?. The total number of books is 127, so there are a few specials in there. The set is complete with no missing books. I will follow up with the last edition number tonight. I am looking to sell the set if anyone is interested. At this time the set is in the panhandle of Florida (Marianna Fl), but I will be relocating them to western North Carolina (Brasstown) in about a month.

If anyone knows someone who wants them please let me know by private message.

Thank You.

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