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McFarlan Advertisement Question


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Would you like credit for saving me from certain insanity? For years I have been searching off and on for a poem used in an ad for McFarlan. All I remember is that it rhymed darlin' with McFarlan in a line that went something like "You'll always be my darlin'...."

This was reprinted in a book I must still own but I can't find it. I doubt I have ever thrown out, sold, or passed into other hands any car book, but I can't find the one with this ad in it.

Usually I come to the forum with more important mechanical questions that reveal my ignorance; now I return with a question that reveals my fading abilty to recall anything at all.:rolleyes:

Thank you so much,


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Guest Xprefix28truck

Your sanity is safe. What you are speaking of was in a letter to the McFarlan company. It was from a Mr. William Fazersham. He was a theater entertainer that had just purchased a McFarlan. The letter was written on December 19 1916. Mr. Fazersham wrote in the letter about driving his McFarlan on a very bad winter night. He spoke about how well the car did in the snow. He was attending a party for Christmas with friends. Many of his friends thought he would take the train instead of driving his car. He and his wife traveled together, and the next morning when he woke for breakfast, there was a note on his plate from his wife. It stated

"Oh Favvey your a sweet one

and you always were a darlin'

but I love you more than ever

now that I have rode in your McFarlan"

Hope this helps you sleep............

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Guest Graham Clayton

The author of the letter was actually William Faversham, who was a noted Broadway actor. His letter featured in a 1917 Twin-Six advertisement:


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