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Searching for a Facel Vega

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we're French persons enthusiasts about Facel Vega and European Classic Cars (Alfa Roméo, Maserati, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lancia etc.) and we're always looking for a "sleeping beauty" need to be loved and restored ! We are interested to buy a Facel Vega all models all conditions, also looking for Facel Vega parts.

If you have one for sale or know of one, have informations, contacts, please contact us

searching for a Facel Vega

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There was an off-white one of these in the Point Loma (San Diego) area a while back. I really loved it because it had those fins! Of course, the day I had some cash and went to check it out closer, it was gone. It may still be in that area. It had a slight sheen of rust on the hood, top and deck lid, but looked to be no rust through and a very solid specimen.


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thanks Keiser31

it's really the problem with Facel Vega, during years 70's to earlier 90's it was less hard to find intersting car but now it's really hard, even in France.

we're lucky to find a Facel Vega III but the engine with this model is the Volvo P1800...and now we're looking for Facel with Chrysler engine or for convertible model...very hard to find at reasonnable price.

we look also for DS Convertible and for Dino Spider Fiat to restore !

i send a message to you and another guys on this forum, if you come in France (Town : Nice), you can call http://www.rentacarclassic.com : they speak english and they have a Facel Vega for rent !

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