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Just thought I'd share some purchasing advice...

Guest Kitskaboodle

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Guest Kitskaboodle

Just wanted to give some advice to ya'all on a sneaky practice that some (but not all) auto parts businesses/retailers do:

I had ordered a steering rack for my Fiero a while back from a company that does nothing but rebuilt steering racks. They took my order & credit card and said they would ship it when it's ready. (or something similar)

Anyways, two weeks later I called to find out why that havent shipped it yet and they said they didnt have any cores available (for a Fiero) to rebuild at this time. (I did not send them mine to rebuild because I was still using in in the car...the car doesnt turn well without it :( ) I said, "if I had known you didnt even have one in stock I might not have ordered from you!" (He never mentioned this when I placed my order)

Anyways, the point is (or, my lesson learned) that when I now order over the phone I always ask, "Do you have it in stock now and/or "I do not want to have my item backordered, please".


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They give you the wrong part, to lock in the sale. Why do you think the auto parts people are{ laughing } behind the counter? The joke is on the customer.

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