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Dating Engine Improvements 1922 through 1925

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I am working on a Maxwell article about the years when Walter Chrysler reinvented the company and brand. Many reference books seem to be mistaken regarding when certain engineering improvements were made to Maxwell engines from 1920 through 1925.

In going back to period newspaper and advertisements, I think I have determined the following order for improvements to the Maxwell 4 cylinder engine:

December 1920 for 1921 Maxwells: Lynite pistons (aluminum)

September 1922 for 1923 Maxwells: new three bearing crankshaft with pressurized oiling

March 1924 for 1924 Maxwells: sping engine mounting at front (not to be confused with genuine Floating Power engine mounts invented later)

Somewhere in this sequence must fit a recollection by Chrysler engineer Carl Breer whose associates discovered that the siamesed exhaust valves in the center of the Maxwell engine hindered performance. These two exhaust valves were switched to intake valves. When did this change come into production? I suspect it began with the 1924 models but can find no confirmation.

The Maxwell cars have the answers, and I am hoping someone here would provide some insight.

Thanks for your help!

Dave Duricy

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Would it be hard to install a 1924 engine in a 1923?  I have a car titled as a 1924.  The serial number is 440638.  That seems to fall as a 1923.  The engine has a spring for a front mount which this thread says happened in March 1924.  The car does have a lot of modifications to it.  What 95 years will do.

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