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Lycoming "C" Engines: C, CE, CF, CH, CT Oil Pump

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My 1930 McCord says the 4-44 Auburn for 1926-27 came with a Lycoming CF engine, which is one of the above Lyc series that seem to share a number of parts.

The CT, used in (among others) IH trucks and Fageol tractors, came with a potmetal oil pump, which seems to crack (from ageing and heat, apparently) and swell into place, often having to be destroyed to remove, with no known replacement available.

Some AU/NZ IH truck owners are working on fab'ing a replacement on oldihc.org.

Does the Auburn's CF also have this crumbling oil pump???

Does anyone here know if ALL the Lyc C's above had the same pump??

And, lastly but most important, has anyone here heard of any work-around replacements for the potmetal oil pump???

I've seen comments that Lycoming is no help as to info/parts for their auto/truck/tractor engines; please advise if that's incorrect.

Any comments deeply appreciated; many thxx!! Bud

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Curt: Many thxx for reply!!

I don't have any engines, leave alone a Lycoming; my interest is academic (per the oldihc.org comments re' fab'ing a new pump and Lycoming parts sources for my own notes).

Jim Tremble, in Vancouver, WA, who's overhauling a CT out of a Fageol tractor, posted an appeal for parts/advice/sympathy re' the oil pump on smokstak.com; his Lycoming appeal for help is the "Lycoming Engine Oil Pump" thread posted very recently on the Antique Tractor Talk forum in smokstak.

Click on his name in the post and an email etc box will come up where he can be emailed thru the system, or you can just post a reply on his thread there. He's as nice a guy as you'll find anywhere, and I'm sure he'd appreciate any help or advice (or sympathy) you can give.

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HERB: My above comments (as noncompos) need to be updated---

(1) The Aussies on oldihc did come up with a replacement pump, but the voluminous original threads were lost in an oldihc meltdown; I've got notes somewhere as to who to contact (somewhere!!) , but post your question on oldihc, I think now it's the pre-30 forum, and you should get replies...

(2) Jim Tremble did get someone to work out a second replacement, but I never got details (or, if I did, didn't index them properly)...he should still re reachable thru smokstak, and, I'm sure, will be happy to put you onto whoever made up his "new" pump...

If no one replies on oldihc let me know I'll paw thru my unindexed notes and try to find who to contact...maybe speedtruckbill???

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ET---my, how time flies...

To the best of my knowledge this problem is limited to the CT and some (but not all) of the other "C"s...

In the various threads on this subject I can't recall any comments from any owners of other Lyc engines noting the same problem, and I seem to recall another "C" owner saying his Auburn (CF) had a cast iron pump..

It should be easy to check---I understand the potmetal pump is a distinctive color...in case anyone asks, SpeedtruckBill did have the info re' the Aussies new pump, and passed it on to the Gardner Club, Gardners having several Cs with this problem   

For peace of mind, you could make anew post asking this question, as there're lots of Lyc engines...

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