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1933 " famous" Marvel Carb ideas/HELP

outlaw car man

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Pilot error here and there-

Got the new heat riser on with good ss tubes inside on over the Marvel in my G-90.

Carb clean, new points, plugs timing etc.

Would not run, just barely, lot of farting. OK, back to timing maybe. When I set the points to the high point on the cam, I locked the dist in at that position. Wrong.

Try again, but this time, set points, then return the position of the dist in the correct forward pointing way, THEN set the timing with a light.

Fired right up, no Marvel problems.

Running real high RPMS, adjusted the linkage and she purrrrrrrs.

Ran it aound the area, back into the driveway and it stopped dead ! Restart, lots of backfire. ( see Mark"s post about running out of gas and backfiring ) .Checked the tank with my stick as the fuel gage doesn't work ( yet ) , showed a little gas but I firgured under the pick up in the tank- Added 5 gal premium fuel, checked the system coming off the fuel pump to see if I was getting gas ( prayed ). I was !

Hooked back up and fired right up.

Did save about 1/2 a jelly jar of gas to monitor. Next day there was some fine silicia sand in the bottom, not much , but enough that sun light would pick it up-

When I got the car, I inventoried everything. One thing I noticed was sand ( like sand-blasting sand ) all over the frame rails. This goes back to the restoration that went bad in the 80s.

I guess it's time to install a inline filter, just cause.

B-90 still running excellent sitting in mid 80s+ heat. Both cars are now. My plan, as last year, is to pull the carbs when Colorado shuts me down for the season. At this point I'll check all jets, good cleaning till Spring. I could go 3 more months ?

Happy motoring again in the high country.



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The B-90 seems to be running good now with clean gas coming through. I had pulled the Marvel not long ago, the one low speed jet had a little stuff on it but not like it was. I'm not pulling the tank, so decided to run as much petrol through it as I could weather permitting. It has got a lot better, even after sitting a week or so.

I decided to stick on a G-2 Fram filter since I had a bunch of extra fuel line.

Going to keep running it as long as I can then drain the system and pull the carb for the winter.

I do suspect now a black gooey gasket compound that is on the carb, from the PO or someone. It kinda melts inside with long term gas exposure- MMM? That will be taken care of.

The G-90 is up on blocks getting a new steering box. See how far I get before winter- It appears the old one had like a clay substance inside, maybe old dry oil ?



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Starting a 1933 Marvel carb in the winter months in Colorado:

For some odd reason, when my 33 Buicks start up in the cold after sitting, the gas shoots a steam ( STREAM) out from the over flow on top of the float bowl. I think I've gone over this maybe 1,000,000 times here-

What works, on both cars, I take a blue grease towel and cram it in under the brass control knob and over the overflow outlet hole. ( tight)

With hood up, I get in fire it up, then back to the engine. The towel will start to absorb the overflow gas , slowely, as I manually keep the RPMs up. This gets about 85% of the overflow fuel. I stop car, place new towel in same position and do it again- It will 99% of the time stop and then run perfectly.

It seems , on both cars, it has to stabilize the gas volume in the float bowl, then runs fine. Believe me, I've set the float levels enough, tested the floats, new needle & seats...... I'm still pointing to the viscosity ( right term?) of the vodka mixed with gas we get in Colorado !

Another mystery "works for me" with the 1933 Buicks Marvels


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