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RARE 1962 Wildcat $2000 obo Missouri

Guest BJM

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Rats!!! A great car ruined by sitting on the dirt. Bet the frame is shot in that one.


I believe you are correct. I have seen a lot of rusty frames out of the midwest for these early 60's full bodied Buicks.

Come to think of it, $2000 is a bit high, but the 1st year Wildcats are rare to see, properly badged and equipped.

Sad thing is, you pull that Tach out, put it on ebay and you'll get $350 to $500 for it alone - and that is a common fate of the 62-64 Wildcats with tachometers. A big hole where it should be.

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Does not appear to need any body work; interior upholstery and door panels appear to be in perfect original condition, from what you can see; a piece of that foam headliner has fallen onto the passenger seat; I'm thinking I see some space between the bottom of the car and the ground, so frame may not be in the mud. First year Wildcat with console, tachometer, bucket seats, and rare-for-1962 factory A/C; interior condition makes me think it is a fairly low mileage car, probably with the paint Buick put on it in 1962, meaning no wrecks and no bondo. I think it is worth the asking price. Greg, you got a bargain at $500!

Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

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I've always been a fan of the bucket seats and console GM and Ford cars of the early 60's. An early nod to the growing popularity that the car and modern family did not necessarily need seating for 6 and a car was a personal expression of the owners.

Nowadays, buckets/console is by far the norm.

I owned and drove daily a 63 Gran Prix for about 25,000 miles in 1997-98. I've owned a 64 Riviera which effectively replacd the Wildcat as the "personal luxury" entry by Buick.

So, a 62 Wildcat, approximate production of 2,000 with a/c is a pretty cool option for a BDE or similar touring car.

I think a person would need to personally inspect it though and as one seems like I am constantly buying project cars, I can tell you the market is soft right now and I doubt any non running car would sell for $2000.00.

I believe for this 1st year Wildcat, it is absolutely crucial to get the hubcaps and all badging in place as that was about the only distinguishing clue that it's not an Invicta sport coupe.

This was a Dave Holls deal. I talked to Dave about it several years ago and he said he remembered brass coming to him and saying Buick needed something to tide them over until the Riviera was going strong and as he said "nobody knew what an Invicta was".

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As has been noted before, as a CL ad, the important contact information may drop off so here it is for future reference:

1962 Buick Wildcat - $2000 (Freeman, MO.)

<HR>Date: 2011-07-08, 7:36PM CDT

Reply to: see below <SUP>[Errors when replying to ads?]</SUP>


Needs total restoration. 2dr hardtop, bucket seats, center console, tach, PS, PB, A/C. $2000 or trades considered, especially older Dodge diesels.

Contact Gregg @ 816-250-2925<!-- START CLTAGS -->

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