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Motercycle magnetos

Guest Grega

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Guest Grega

Im looking for information on three magnetos. I was told that they are motercycle mags. Can anyone confirm this, or know what brand motercycles? First is a 2 cylender bosch type ZEV that is the 45 degree model. It is in excelent condition, ant gives a good shock when i spin it over. It has patent dates of 1905, 1905 and 1908 stamped in the side. The next two mags are Splitdorf model S. The first is a two cylender, is in verry good codition, and gives a shock when i turn it by hand, is complete, and has a timeing adjustment lever in the front. The second is missind the front cover, and the strap that holds the magnets on. What is there seems decent. I beleive that it is also a two cylender mag. anyone have an idea as to what there worth?



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Hello, they are all motorcycle magnetos. The Splitdorf , top left is an S2, used on the Indian Scouts and Chiefs from 1922-28, also used on the Excelsior Super-X 1922-28? The Indians had a 42° magneto, the Excelsiors a 45° you can tell the difference by the model number that should be stamped on the side of the base. 1602 is a clockwise for an Indian. 1613 or 1619 is for an Excelsior.

The Splitdorf on the top right could be a NS2, and by the look of the magneto gear, also off a motorcycle. The model number on the base will tell you which. The NS2 were commonly used on the Indian 101 Scouts 1928-31. 2252 is for an Indian, 2254 for an Excelsior.

The Bosch ZEV 45° were used on a few V-Twins, most common were the Harley's from 1911-29, the gear on it looks like a Harley one, it'll depend if it's clockwise or anti-clockwise. They are an excellent magneto. I have a use for all of these magnetos, if they are available, mostly the ZEV and the S2 if it's an Indian one, for my 24 Indian Scout and 23 Harley.

Regards Craig

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