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67 Buick Wildcat Conv. for Sale


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To be honest with you I don't know much about cars. It needs a new top. The floorboars are rusty. It ran a 1/2 year ago, but not well. It has been sitting in a garage for almost 2 years. Body has very minimal rust. There is a shallow dent, I believe on the right door, which I assume could be easily patched. The seats are in decent shape, the carpet isn't. Tires, rims, and hubcaps are in good shape. I think the trans. might need some work. My aunt bought it from the original owner. I think there's about 180,000 miles. I think it could be a nice car with some work. It is near Syracuse, NY. I really don't know what it would be worth. I've just recently decided to sell it. If you have any input or are possibly interested Email me at kalitasp@alfredstate.edu

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