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I am interested in hearing if there are any Overland 59R (1912 roadsters) that will be coming available. I just sold a car and am not necessarily looking to replace it right away but I would like to eventually replace it with a 59R. Leads appreciated and would consider anything from tour ready to significant project. Also interested to hear experiences of how they perform on tour.

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I restored one about 15 years ago. It was a wonderful tour car lots of power and very good brakes. It drove so easy my wife enjoyed sharing the drving on tours. It is now in Walla Walla washing ton owned by Doug Saturno, I believe he is a member of the HCCA. He was talking about selling or trading it a couple of years ago.

I pressureized the main bearings, balanced the motor, new pistons, babbitt, Houk Wire wheels, It was a great car and lots of fun, sorry I sold it.


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