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Rare 1971 Boattail


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Sitting around a friends shop the other night the topic of a "One of One" black 1971 Riviera GS came up. Supposedly the original owner is considering selling it and the aspiring buyer wants it real bad. As the designated Buick guru I was asked how such a car could receive a "One of One" status. I had no answer. If anyone out there knows of such a reason why this car would receive the "One of One" status please let me know. Thanks.

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One of one might be difficult to document and most likely the comment was made loosely unless it was a specially equipped car ordered by a GM executive, etc.......however, if it was a factory black car that makes it rare in itself. Black was one of the lowest production colors in 71. Then if its a genuine GS with original engine, that would further increase rarity. Depending how well or what other rare options it has could make it even more rare. For example if it was equipped with rear shoulder belts.

As far as price that will be determined by the market. Since it is very unlikely anyone one will have known of another factory black 71GS that sold there really isn't any history of value. If its a straight, well maintained, unmolested and well optioned car, it will demand top price for any boatail 71-73 IMO.

Post more details if you can get them.

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The Marti Report can get you to a 1 of whatever on FoMoCo cars, and the Govier Report can do something similar for the Mopar crowd, but I didn't think GM kept enough records to certify any car as a 1 of whatever. Or if they did, they aren't a matter of public record. I have to agree with Jason, unless it was an exectutive car, who knows and how do you prove it?

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Guest bogblockbuickboy

Black was listed as not available for Riviera in 71, however it was the most common of the N/A colors all of which ordered on Riviera's, Triple black Riviera's not rare as most think -- same for triple black Chevelle SS

code name sales # %of

code cars Production

19 Regal Black A 473 1.40% N/A

43 Lime Mist H 93 0.28% N/A

67 Burnished Cinnamon U 83 0,25% N/A

75 Fire Red R 49 0.14% N/A

26 Stratomist Blue B 45 0.13% N/A

62 Bittersweet Mist T 38 0.11% N/A

53 Cortez Gold Q 32 0.09% N/A

39 Twilight Turquoise I 19 0.06% N/A

78 Rosewood N 17 0.05% N/A

16 Tealmist Gray L 11 0.03% N/A

Special Order 0 96 0.28% - any color you wanted did't have to GM color

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Interesting subject. I was just thinking about the "1 of" as it related to Rivieras 1st 3 generations.

IMO, the "1 of" concept is irrelevant as it relates to this car and virtually all of the 1st -3rd gen cars.

That's because there was a lot of homogenation in Rivieras. The GS's had lower production numbers and were nicely equipped but even all of them are the same, excepting color and whether you wanted buckets or bench.

A potential buyer would, in theory, be asked to pay a premium, let's say 20% for this being a low production, custom ordered triple black 71 GS Riv. On the other hand, you have a dark blue 71 GS Riv in the same condition. Triple Black wants $19,000 for his car while the beautiful but (relatively) more common dark blue car is asking $14,500. Is it worth the $4500 more? Will the premium paid for the triple black hold and gain in re-sale value?

Frankly, the "1 of" concept has been way overblown. No doubt a triple black 71 GS Riviera is a beautiful car, but how does it add value to the car? It doesn't because there is no pent up demand for such a car. It simply can not be marketed to obtain a premium price apples to apples to other similar condition 71 GS Rivieras.

How does "1 of" work? Mostly from unique combinations of color, options, powertrains and special orders. It's my understanding that black was a special order color for 1971, and this one apparently has a black interior, but everything else is set up as any other GS Riviera. This isn't a holy grail car coming out of a barn that everyone wants (think swiss cheese 1963 Pontiac Catalina or a Hemi Dodge Dart factory car)

Using my criteria of color, options, powertrains on the 71 Skylark GS, you could go in and order some pretty unique, low production GS musclecars. Stage 1 eliminated 90% of the production (guesstimate), 4 speed another few %, then convertible, then the N25 rear bumper, spoilers, then colors and you could get into some "1 of 100" and I think I have seen a "1 of 3" GS Skylark. If the moon and stars are aligned, then, yes, some rare GS Skylarks will draw a premium and demand among monied GS collectors will spike the price.

But not on the 1st ten years of Rivieras.

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