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What does Ten Grand Get You?


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It seems like right now, there are a few desirable cars right here on our forum that $10K plus or minus would buy. If you are looking for a postwar to mid-fifties car there is a '49 Chrysler, 29K original miles, '49 Buick, under 50K miles and a really nice looking '50 Cadillac that all seem like pretty solid deals to me. If a later car suits your fancy, I am aware of a one family owned '61 T-bird from CT ready to enjoy for well under the $10K mark. These all seem, at least by descriptions available (the Buick and Chrysler are particularly well detailed, I happen to know the T-bird which is I think dead on in terms of market price, and a little later than the others) like a LOT of car for ten large.

All ready to go, I guess I would opt for the Caddy if space and budget allowed, any other $10K cars out there that feel like more?

If it just a wave of good cars or do folks feel that range will get a nice driver to better than driver car? Is it the era, economy, Summer dog days or whatever? Thought this may prompt some discussion.

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Agree those are good values Woody, as is the T-Bird.

It just struck me that the other 3, particularly the Caddy are under market values if as good as described. Is this a trend - especially interesting with the relatively new (although not so much anymore) appreciation for quality cars that are original or largely original. The Caddy ad does not provide that level of detail, although I think it mentions an original interior. the other two cars are so well documented, I can't imagine they would not sell quickly.

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I've always been surprised at how undervalued all 1960s luxury cars are relative to the rest of the market. Imperials in particular seem horribly undervalued, as do nearly all full-size Mopars after 1961 (post-fin era). I've seen some pretty amazing cars for less than $10K in the Fury/Newport/Monaco/Polara camp. In fact most Mopars outside of the muscle car categories seem underpriced to me.

The same goes for ALL AMC products, the best and the worst. I swear a 1964 Typhoon would be worth $30K if it said Pontiac on the side, but as it is even this (one of the most interesting of Rambler/Nash/AMC products) is underpriced and sometimes seen in decent condition for $10K.

MG, Fiat, and Triumph sports cars from about 1968 on are also often found in decent shape at $10K, and are among the msot rewarding of cars to drive. TR6s are beginning to climb in value commensurate with other 6 cylinder European sports models, but can still be found in half-decent shape around the $10K figure. It's my opinion that their values are about to do what pickup truck values did in the last decade (roughly double).

Finally there are a number of 30-40 year old Japanese cars that can be found in great condition for $10K. Of particular note is the 1968-72 Datsun 510, which is probably one of the least expensive former SCCA champion car models available. $10K would probably buy 2 of the best of those cars (for now--that will not last long!).

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