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Wood burning truck, 1944 in Paris France


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Under the Germans, the French converted trucks to burn wood as gas was in very short supply. This truck ran on wood fuel. I don't know how they converted the truck to run from gas to wood fuel.

After Paris was liberated, he was stationed in Paris with the military post office. His actual duty was to drive a 6 by 6 mail truck from Paris to the front lines and back. I believe I have a photo of him with the truck.


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They run on the wood gas in the smoke..... pretty poor fuel and requires a lot of service .... lifting the head and cleaning, BUT works sortta

After the war the French ''converted'' many cars into trucks to get gasoline as gas for cars was more restricted. some were made into wonderful little woody wagons

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Not really common in Australia. The French used Gas Producers to extract the gas from Charcoal (From wood) in Australia we used black coal in similar "Gas Producers" to produce coal-gas. Having been a school boy during WW2 I have a fairly good recollection of cars and trucks running on "Gas". In France I have been to a transport museum devoted to Charcoal gas powered vehicles, mainly Trucks.


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