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1949 Buick Special - VERY ORIGINAL - Only 47,500 Miles - $7900 - Drive It Home!

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Guest crlytle

I'm now at home. The first trip across the USA was in August 1970 and went from Princeton, NJ to Beaverton, OR. The whole trip is documented in about 100 pages of a bound journal. I can still remember the smells and sounds and every problem: blown tire (original with the car), overheating, generator brushes worn down to the copper wires, oil seeping up into the distributor, >100 degrees, running into a massive bug hatch over a canal in Utah that completely clogged the radiator, the smell of ten zillion bugs frying on the engine, running out of gas (broken gas gauge), locking ourselves out in Rufus, Oregon and having to smash a vent window to get back in, coasting down into Pendleton from Emmigrant Springs at over 100 mph. It was more romantic than you could ever believe: 23 years old an madly in love. *sigh* You can't buy those experiences, just hang on for dear life. Here are two shots...


I'm almost dead certain that my Hudson was up for sale at an auction this past year. Saw it in Hemmings. The spotlight and fog lights were a giveaway. The second shot won't load.

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