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Needed, 69 Skylark plastic grille interchangeable??


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Anyone have a 69 plastic grille? How about a broken one that I can use to fill in missing teeth with? Anyone know what else,if anything, will fit my 69 Skylark Custom convertable grille? I just need the plastic. Will diffrent years fit, so I can expand my search? Thanx <BR> Toothless!

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A 1968 Skylark grille will also fit, but you will probably need to change the chrome surround with it. Unless you also have the center piece for the 69 surround. Then it may work with the 68 plastic grille. I ended up using a 68 grille and surround on my 69 convertible, because it was dirt cheap and I could not find a decent 69. I actually prefer the look now and sold my 69 surround.<P>Ron<BR>Los Angeles, CA<BR>1969 Skylark Convertible

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