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Help identify circa 1930 auto emblem

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Can anyone help me identify the emblem on this hubcap? It's probably circa 1930. It was was attributed as DeSoto, but I can find no DeSoto emblems like this. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for any info!


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This might be out there, but I believe it is for a 1929 Windsor - which would be the Moon "White-Knight" model re-named after the Moon had set... The emblem was very similar only the stripe across the pegasus was lime-green

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All of the later Gardiner emblem's I've seen include the letter "G" in the design - but it is posible the hubcaps were different. There is a late Gardiner on the bottom left of the Roosevelt shell and the Windsor is at the top and to the right of the Essex shell. I'm still guessing Windsor...



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