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EGR Value codes and fixes

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I have a 1988 Buick Reatta that was throwing the EO65 code. I have replaced this EGR valve 3 times in the last year.

Can you please give advice on clearing the code so I can see if it's coming back up?

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Benefits of AACA Membership.

Wonders . . . if the egr valves being used are OEM or aftermarket?

Wonders . . . if the egr passages in the manifolds are clear of deposits or other build-up restrictions? if there might be an injector or two or more that are dribbling, resulting in greater possibility that the passageways might be getting gunked-up?

Reason for the first "Wonders . . ." is that many aftermarket replacement valves use color-coded washers to restrict egr flow through the valve, whereas the OEM replacement valves are "purpose built" for the particular vehicle's application, not needing any washers or similar things added to them before they can be used.

Just some thoughts . . .


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