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Hi all,

Some of you may remember when I bought this car from a guy in San Antonio. It showed up at one of the Texas shows in 2008, I believe. Pictures of it next to Bill Stonbergs '47 are in a Bugle that year.

It came up for sale in the spring of 2009, and I jumped in and bought it. I have driven it around some. Actually drove it home from Texas. But mostly , it took a back seat to my Special. Well, I decided to clean it up a little. A lot of elbo grease and a lot of 600 wet/dry sandpaper later, this is what it looks like. Also some before pics for comparison.







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Good work, Ben. Another way to treat the rust bleeding through the paint is to use a mild phosphoric acid product such as Sanivac or Ospho. Get a couple of Mexican or Indian blankets and you are all set.


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The AutoColorLibrary isn't showing the color which I believe it is, that being Niagra Green. Can you share a picture of the data plate Ben.

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trim 50 = Green leather

paint 17-1 = Niagara Green and I suspect the 1 means the wheels were painted the optional color which was Dante Red. Is there evidence of this. I think it would look sharp if so.

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