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Post a picture of your ride and your bride, or significant other.

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My wife on our big day and honeymoon, June 26, 2010. My '60 Cadillac I've had for 11 years. I started saving when I was 11 years old and bought it when I was 19.






And here we are close to a year and a half later the day we bought her dream car, a '37 Chevrolet 4 door. It will soon be our family car. (We just bought it last weekend). Long way to go with it, but she's super excited. That's the daughter of the man who was the 2nd owner.



p.s. Sorry for the size of the pictures

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I guess I can also add this picture, too. This is a picture of my grandmother and grandfather on their first date in 1938. He had a '29 Chevrolet and took her home after Decoration Day at Church. This picture is in front of the house my grandmother grew up in.

About 70 years later, my wife (then fiance) and I went back to the original house with my '31 Chevrolet and recreated the picture as closely as possible. I was supposed to borrow a '38 license plate from a collector but it fell through, so I did have to use a computer and transplant the license plate, but other than that and turning it black and white, that's how it looks now.



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The two best dates ever! One in the yard and one at the drive-in getting ready to watch Cars 2. On the waterfront throwing rocks and one at car show. Happy times!

And everyone always asks me why I don't paint this car...

Oh man, I REALLY love this car.

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Really great pictures, guys. Those of you who have wives or significant others who like your cars as much as you do are very, very lucky! Every time I buy a car or a new model, I get "What do you need another one for? They all look alike."

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Can't resist this one - after going through a lot of pictures, I'm kinda liking this one from Hershey this past year. Perfect weather, driving our MG onto the show field, and my best old car buddy w/me in the swap meet. It just doesn't get any better! (Yes, it's her car-notice the grease under her fingernails!).



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Well, I've never posted a photo before and this seemed a good time to try. Here's a shot of my wife and I, along with our 1907 Franklin, at the 75th Anniv. AACA tour/show in Louisville, KY. It was Mary's 1st AACA Nat'l tour, and the Franklin's 1st tour as well. Both did well and we had a wonderful time.post-31761-143138799501_thumb.jpg

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A more current picture of one of my other treasures (car that is) 1928 Whippet Cabriolet coupe, same wife (married soon 32 years). At 5 ft nothing she makes the car look big WHICH IS NOT. It is all I can do to get all 6 ft 5 of me in the car let alone drive down the road. What one would call a compact of its day.


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