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Chrysler 65 Rear Wheel Removal

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I am trying to remove all the wheels on my 1929 Chrysler 65 for inspection and check over. We can get the fronts off no problem, but the rears are not going anywhere!!

We have removed the main nut and split pin. The shoes have been backed off and the wheel spins freely. Why won't they come off!!!

Please help me.



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the drum hub is mounted don a tapered axle shaft and requires a special puller with 3-5 arms to remove the drums. Most tool rental stores have one of these pullers or you can buy one at NAPA for $150-200.

The use of some heat on the hub can also help to free the drum from the tapered axle shaft.

I believe someone in the Desoto club has made some homemade pullers you can buy so you might consult the DeSoto club website. I generally use heat on the hub when I'm pulling a drum which hasn't been off for a long time. My NAPA puller part # is SER2251

Martin Lum

1930 Desoto CK

1933 Chrysler CQ

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If your 65 has the same rear hub as my 1929 75 then the following pics. should put you in the right direction. The hub is on a taper and needs a screw on hub puller (shown) to remove it. Leave the hub nut on but loose so that the hub doesn't fly across the workshop should it be a tight fit. Strike the end of the hub puller with a soft face hammer if it will not release with the bolt dead tight.


John F





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HI ,I finished my 1929 '65' 2 years ago . If you go to google and enter aaca rich schmidt my car this the first to apear. then scroll and you will see the car and the wheel puller i made. I used an old hub cap, took off the cover, made a collar to fit and you can see the rest . my wheels were on for 65 years and the poped off with just a small amount of pressure. you can cll me @ 570-888-0459 or email rschmidt1@stny.rr.com good luck rich schmidt

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It's OFF!!! I cannot believe how much pressure we put on the one wheel. We did the left rear with a puller and it came off straight away. The right rear was a nightmare, we had the puller on tight for 3 days with extreme heat and hitting the shaft!!! There was some oil on the surface of the shaft, should this be dry when the wheel goes back on, or a small amount of oil.

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The heat helps, but after you tighten the arms of the puller very tight on the lug studs & also tighten the center pin of the puller against the axle, Dont' be afraid to give the head of the puller a couple of good wacks with a baby sledge. I was reluctant to do this for a long time, then a retired Chrysler told me "you could get real frustrated or wise up & HIT IT!." I did & it works. Once you get it off, clean the inside of the hub & the tapered shaft of the axle, grease the shaft before you re-install. Good Luck


56 Nassau

60 Adventurer

68 Newport

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