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340 engine f/s


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I can deliver this engine to the GSNATS also.<BR>if anyone is interested here it is<BR>66 340 4 barrel engine I have not heard it run it appears to be ok however<BR>the carb is frozen shut. I will be dissassembling it to sell on ebay or if<BR>you wanted the complete engine I will sell it complete. I am in Kansas so<BR>you would really need<BR>to pick up if at all possible. I can rotate the engine by hand at this time<BR>so its freed up anyway. I will take $200 for the complete engine as it sets<BR>right now. I have a picture of it to send you thru the email if needed let me know mrbuick@networksplus.net<p>[ 02-18-2002: Message edited by: RACEBUICKS ]

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