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Here is a early Continental engine that I bought at a farm sale. Does anyone have any information on it and what it may have been for? I measured the outside of the clys just above the base and it measures 4.750 .Makes believe the bore would be aprox 4.00 or 4.250. The engine has a place for a timer out the back like the Selden used.Thank you Mike West 5857381541 see pictures....








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I can't tell you what this engine would have been in, but it dates to around mid teens. Teetor Hartley bought castings form Continental and finished machined them, then assembled them. I have attatched a picture that is almost a twin to this engine you have. The attatched picture is of a TH engine that is in an American Underslund in Maine. Look carefuly at all of the details and you will see how close it is.

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As Continental was a supplier to many different auto makers during that time... God only knows what your engine could have been installed in when it was new... and She ain't tellin'....

Will you be restoring it or selling it?

Looks like there is a place for a mag (missing) driven off the shaft from the water pump and how about an "outboard" oil pump ? that was also common on this vintage of Cintinental engine.

Your picture of the maker's brass tag is not clear enough to see the year.... what year is it stamped with?

It does look to be one of the 30 hp models of that time period.

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