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Hey guys, longtime no posting, hah

life kinda hit me hard, but i'm back!

Anywho! I need a ton of little and big parts as i am sure we all do! However if you guys know any good resources that would be absolutely just grand.

Big ones that i can think of right now is Taillight assembly, and Everything having to do with ABS (since my brakes are going down hill a little faster then i can handle.)

<3 Lena Owen

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Hey guys, met with Padgett! He is so awesome! what a swell guy :) I now have a working instrument panel!!! i left with my door not working and such but i left with some good tips for my ABS wires and the know how to put my door back together the next day hahah! which i did and cut my hand up a lot. but i feel god! and i think i will be tackling the taillight assembly with the help of my boyfriend soon. i'm going to take photos for before an after. oh do you guys know anything about - my cigarette lighter isnt working, and my headlight switch is deciding when it feels like working... what to do?

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