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Great Newsletter!

Guest PWN

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Peter you beat me to it! Bravo to our editors. I love the format and printing quality. As a past editor I really appreciate how much work went into this issue. Great job guys!!!!

It sounds like you got quite a response to the first issue which just shows what an impact you are making. People actually read the thing. An editor can not ask for more.

And because I did read your current issue, I ask that you continue to post our ad for the Chandler 1k badges. We still have some left and all the proceeds go to the club.

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Guest 29Chandler

Yes, Great job. Thank you Chris for saying so, it does mean allot from the past editor. We will try and keep it up. Who all is going to Hershey?

Best Regards,

Jerry Hill

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Guest 1929Chandler

Everyone thanks for all the good feedback on the newsletter. We are working hard to keep our newsletter interesting for everyone.

Keep all of the great information coming so we can make every issue exciting.

Don't forget that you must renew your ad for the next issue, would hate to put out an issue with no whispering in it.

We will be in Hershey and hope to see many of you there. Let us know who all is going to Hershey.

Chris, I see your note about your ad and it will be in the next issue.


Roger & Shelia

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