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Continental Mark II display at Ford Headquarters

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I was able to arrange a display of Continental Mark IIs in the lobby of Ford World Headquarters leading up to a Lincoln and Continental Owner's Club event at the end of July.

The three other cars on display are famous Ford family once-owned vehicles. The black car was Mrs. Hank the Dueces wife's car, ordered with no hood ornament and a canvas top. The green car was Benson Ford's personal car. The blue car is William Clay Ford's hot rod Mark II, which he bough used in '68 and had it fitted with the newest engine Ford offered, a 365 hp 460. It was also fitted with a C-6 trans to replace the original 2-speed slushbox.

We were allowed to drive the cars through the executive garage, but were required to shut the cars off, disconnect the batteries and push them into position in the rear lobby of the Headquarters building.


This is WCF's car:



Benson Ford's car:



Hank's car:



The Ford facilitator insisted on putting my car on point.




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Awesome, I am sending this to my mom, she will enjoy the pictures.

But I KNOW she is going to ask WHY the placards say "Lincoln Continental" instead of just Continental ...

I always bring it to the attention of the event, but old habits die hard.

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in my opinion, the continental mark II is the best looking car to ever have come out of the ford motor company. the car is such a beautiful work of art, so elegant, these cars have no peer, they are truly in a class all of their own. charles coker, 1953 pontiac tech advisor.

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Barry, is the LCOC going to display cars at the Concours at the Inn (or whatever they call Meadowbrook now)? Early Continentals are my favorite cars and I would love if the club showed up!

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The three Schmidt cars will be in the show. Mine was in it last year. It's called Concours of America at St. John's. My '33 Continental will be in the show, though.

I Know that Lincoln is a featured marque, but I don't know what the list is.

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I couldn't help myself. I had to send my contact a note. Being in the lighting maintenance business I couldn't help but notice how many lobby light were out.


You sure that the hap hazard lighting is not an effort to reduce their power use?

You know, keep the lights down to be "green"? :)

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