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Removal of back on front seat?

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Seems latey I have an unending supply of questions!That wide roll arpond tyhe back of the front seat on my 48 Conti is loose along the outside by that chrome support that runs up the outside of the seat.If I can get the back off the seat I can get to it to use some small screws to hold it back in place presently did try weatherstrip adhesive but it isn't firm enough.Can't figure how to get the seat out so could get at it with a drill and screwdriver.Seems to have some movement but hate to break somnething trying to get it out,would guess maybe it is just hooked in someway but thought would ask before I mess something up!!Thanks!!

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I discovered, quite by accident, that the upholstered backs and bottom of the front seat just lift out. You kind of pull the bottom of the back to the front and lift up to clear a couple of tabs near the top of the frame. You should then be able to see what else is needed.


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