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1936 Packard 120 Projects - Good Deals!


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Two cars for sale - please email for pictures and specifics, gotta make room...

1 – 1936 Packard 120 Touring Sedan “Resto-Rod” Project. Beautiful Original Lines on this “Touring Sedan” (extra rear legroom and larger trunk) that is in the midst of being restored/updated. The hard work has been done on a careful installation of a Rebuilt Ford inline six cylinder engine, 4 speed transmission (new clutch) and 9” Ford rear end. New fuel tank, New aluminum radiator, etc. The goal here was to not alter the beautiful original lines of this car, which has been carefully accomplished, along with being ready to enjoy this car on a daily basis with a modern & reliable, yet economical, drivetrain. Though not yet fitted, air conditioning will not be a problem to include in the final form this car will take. Drivetrain is otherwise complete and running. The car began its restoration with an extraordinary solid, straight, unrusted original body, which has been off the frame, cleaned and completely painted in an attractive gray and black. The paintwork is average – if your standards require and checkbook can afford a 5 digit paint job, then this is an outstanding base. If you want a car you can afford to complete and enjoy – jump right in and move forward with completing the interior, and installing the new glass (included). Many, many hours (and dinero’s) have been spent on this project – my pain, your gain. Price is $8,000, rolling and ready to load on your trailer. Thank you.

2 – 1936 Packard 120 Club Sedan – Lovely very very complete and solid original restoration project. One of the rarest and most desirable of the closed cars – one of only 8 in the current PAC registry - the Club Sedan provides enhanced rear passenger privacy combined with a formal appearance which sets the Club Sedan apart from the norm. I have decided to re-prioritize my projects and sell this very very complete original car. I have had the engine cough to life, but not for too long, as a cloud of smoke in my attached garage was not appreciated by the indoor occupants. Affordably priced $8,000 and very deserving of a full restoration, please, will the next owner step forward and lavish attention on this deserving car.....

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