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1932 Cadillac V-12

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I am selling my Model 370B Fisher bodied 134" WB five-passenger sedan with dual sidemounts and trunk rack. There were only 1,739 V-12 cars of all body styles built in 1932. I have owned and enjoyed this rare Full Classic for over two years as a "Work in Progress". It is an older restoration that has six new Firestone wide whites and tubes, new Bendix/Zenith carburetors, and a rebuilt ignition system and it runs and drives very well. The 70's era lacquer shines but has been extensively touched up. The interior and chrome are in great shape. It has the potential to be a wonderful tour vehicle but needs clutch and brake work to be dependable. Metal spare tire covers and trunk are not mounted but are included. I do not have the time or funds to take it to the next level and want to pass it on to someone that can finish and enjoy it as it deserves. If you are interested please contact me via e-mail or personal message for a fact sheet and additional photos.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>

PRICE: $40,900.00<o:p></o:p>











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Don, sorry you hit the end of your ropes with the '32... Indeed our "sister" cars are very expensive and time consuming to maintain. I hope you find it a good home.

We took ours on a recent Cadillac LaSalleClub tour in Amarillo... See tour leader Rubye Musser point out the cow patty, below. See other photos at:

CLC National Tour Amarillo - johnandmike's Photos

I suppose it is not a good idea to take an 80 year old car with 100 thousand miles into a canyon in the summer... We almost didn't get out! But then again, some of the later 1960's cars in the tour almost didn't make it either!

You don't happen to have a spare clutch plate (the spoked one) for the 370ABC series, do you?


John Sweney


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Thanks John, the car will go to its new owner on saturday. That was a nice article in the Self Starter about your car, you are doing the right thing and getting it out on the road. I did get my car running very well with your help on the distributor cap and rotor plus the carb change. Can't help with the clutch, that is one of the reasons my car is moving down the line. Good luck!

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Good news!! If you need a clutch you can have the one in my car but the car comes with it. Don, I feel your pain. They are beautiful cars though. Here is my 33 12cyl.


Hi Al, what a nice offer! How much did you want to pay me? (grin)


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