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Rear view mirror---1926AA touring car

Guest Industrialdeere

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Guest Industrialdeere

Does anyone know where I can purchase a rear view mirror for a 1926 AA touring car. The outer mounting holes are 2 and 5/8 inches apart center to center. If you don't know where I can find one does anyone know where I can get a good picture of one? Thanks. Steve

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Remember that Stutz was a small company, there is a very good chance that the part was purchased "off the shelf" by Stutz, so it could have been fitted to anyone of one of a number of independents around that timeframe.

Do you know what it looks like? Round? rectangular? How long a stalk?

Once you know those ask around other club sites.

How do you find out what it looks like?

Ask an owner of a similar car....which you can find by joining the club and getting a roster. Also, you might try looking in The Splendid Stutz.

I've had good luck with Restoration Supply Company, formerly out of Reno ( I note that because there is a similar outfit with a similar name back east) now in California.

They have a good website.

Look on page 56 of their downloadable catalog.

Restoration Supply Company

Hope this helps.

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