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Fuel gauge sending cable needed

Guest Industrialdeere

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  • 2 weeks later...

I have been fighting this problem for years. I have three cars that use the mechanical Grolin gas gauge.

1929 Cunningham

1926-27 Lincoln (3 cars)

1928 Stutz

Other cars that used the cable are:

24-25 (?) Buick

20's Peerless

1924-26 (?) Packard Six and perhaps eight.

I have not found others as of yet, but there must be more. I would look for cables from these cars. Of course, the wheelbase has to be correct.

I have bought tiny nylon tubing and stainless steel wire for rebuilding these. Fit the original cable with the nylon tubing from the electronics industry. A good idea from our friend Ernie Toth.

Best of luck,

Brian in Santa Cruz, CA

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