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FS: 1923, '25, '27 DB Touring Parts


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Several parts for sale from 1923, 1925, and 1927 Dodge Bros. Touring autos. Prices below do not include shipping (pick-up is free!). Photos are shown below unless otherwise stated. I can e-mail you more photos if you'd like. All parts located in Minneapolis, MN:

1923/25/27 radiator shell: $10

1925 radiator (leaks, not shown in photos): $30

1923 clutch housing + brake pedal: $20

1923/25/27 gas tank (dent, hole): $20

1923/25/27 gas tank end caps (set): $5

1925 starter/generator (not shown in photots): $60

1927 speedometer - type 3850, rusty, broken glass (not shown in photos): $5

1925? speedometer - type 3850, nicer with glass (not shown in photos): $15

192? oil gauge - rusty (not shown in photos): $5

1925? left running board (not shown in photos): $10

I possibly have a few other odds and ends. As I find more I will post them or you can ask and I will see if I have it. Thanks for looking!





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Hello MikeC5 - I am sorry but those parts I do not have (flash aprons & front apron)

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Bob, the running board is metal, measures 56 1/4 inches long, 10 inches wide at one end and 12 inches wide at the other.

More photos are added below (running board, speedos, oil gauge):





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Farmallregular (Keith): I'm sorry but I don't have a steering wheel - in fact, the one I have on my car is not correct so I could use one too. I am pretty sure I do not have the running board brackets either but will look tomorrow to be sure.


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