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Need door jam switch for 64

Guest mortsciguy

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Guest mortsciguy

My 64' Olds is missing the driver side door jamb switch (turns on courtesy lights). The hole is about 7/8". Anybody out there have one to sell?


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No, but I know several people looking for one!

There are two different part #s for this switch- one for single contact (dome lamps only) and a double contact that is used on cars with courtesy lamps, sail panel lamps etc- in other words Starfires.

If you'd like an NOS:

Group 11.950, p/n 4813136 is the single contact switch. P/N 390413 is the double contact part.

If you'll settle for a used part, interchange is 61-64 on the single contact switch, 61-65 on the double contact switch. They may also be used on other GM carlines.

Don't feel bad. My blue 64 has had some type of Ford switch on driver's side since way before I got it. These switches also have a rubber accordion boot that covers them, though most have long since disintegrated.

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