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"cricket sounds in suspension (I think)".


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I realize this sounds sorta loony, but I'm hearing a random "cricket" like chirp when I'm moving, coming from the undercarriage. By random I mean not rythmic/clocklike tick tick pattern.

I do have a missing E brake cable, so maybe related?? I'll have this in the shop next week. If YOU have had this sound, and MIGHT no where to start, please tell me. I've had NUMEROUS repairs done already this year, so................ let's git 'er done! T H A N K S


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After taking a few minutes (and risking more back/spine injury!) I'm 80% certain it's my broken E brake cable (front-under dash, but loosened cable rattle is near rear wheel). We'll see!!!! THANKS again - I have a "not starting after first attempts" question I may post soon. MAYBE you know...........

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