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Need help with NAPA part

Barry Wolk

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The NAPA catalogue shows 5 parts that may fit the carb from my 1933 Continental. The problem is that they can't give me physical dimensions of the part unless I order and buy them. Our local NAPA store says there's no way of getting the info short of buying the parts.

Does anyone have the means to find out these dimensions?

It's the rubber accelerator pump cup that I need. The bore is .620.

These are the NAPA/ECHLIN numbers:

CRB 24291

CRB 24008

CRB 24484

CRB 24296

CRB 24297


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The bore is .620 as close as I can measure. I know the plunger needs to be slightly larger than that.

Thank you Susan, but I think you'll find that NAPA does not stock them in their warehouse, otherwise my NAPA guy could have had an answer in minutes.


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Barry, I went and talked to our local NAPA store and talked to Jim. He loves a challenge. :D

He called the factory that makes the part you are looking for and got the blueprint type drawings and measurements on three of the parts you wanted to know about and gave the printouts to me. Not sure why they don't have those on the others but three is better than none, right?

I can mail them to you or I can FAX them to you. Send me a PM with the information as to a FAX number for you or a mailing address and they will be on their way.

One looks like a likely candidate. It would be $2.99 plus $10 freight to get it in if it is sent by itself to him. OR, if the NAPA warehouse will let him (and he said they probably would), he can call the manufacturer directly and they put it in with a regular shipment you avoid the freight charge.

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Persistence can be a plus.

Yes it can. :) At least I was able to get factory blueprint type drawings, measurements and information for three of the five part numbers he posted. If none of those three are what he is looking for, at least he will know that those three are the wrong ones.

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