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spare tyre clamp 24-47

Guest lex

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Hello Folks,

Buick is starting fine after the s-g job.

I would like to make a clamp for the spare tyre looking about original.

Can anyone supply me with a picture of it?

The part where the rim=tyre fits over looks now quite naked at the underside:

Cheers, Lex


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My 1931 Dodge Brothers has a similar item...to lock the spare. The middle piece has a bump on the one side that fits into the upper hole on the rim bracket.




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This may be more what you are looking for. It is on my 1926 Buick and the spare tire carrier looks the same, although smaller I am sure due to reduced rim size. The clamp and the nut are original equipment. Note the nut is 3/4 inch deep. I believe these tire carriers were supplied to Buick by Detroit Carrier Company. They may have suppied other car manufacturers. The clamp has the number C3102 cast into it. The picture of the brown Buick has an accessory lock that fit over the bolt before the nut goes on.






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I would definitely go with a correct Buick version of the clamp you need. My earlier post was strictly to show what the parts may consist of and not to say that those are the exact parts for your Buick.

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Thanks both for the reactions and pics!

I found a fitting nut in my nutbin, so a clamp will be made.

Cheers from Lex

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Hi Lex

Great to hear that your S-G is operational. I have not used my crank handle for months now also since working on mine, although I still have a suspect clutch bearing on the distributor drive that I can't get a replacement for :(

Re your spare wheel carrier bracket. There is one that matches yours in Sunny Australia - currently on EBay here -

1922-1923-1924 Vintage Mast/Buick SpareTyre LOCK Plate | eBay

Best wishes. Ben

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Thanks Ben for the thread. I rather go for the first item, which has a bump that falls in the hole at the carrier and can be padlocked.

Just yesterday I fitted a rim+tyre on the carrier, which seems to be a bit oval and gives a tight fit; a clamp is not even necessary, as the luggage carrier keeps the spare in place, should it come loose.

I do not understand your clutch bearing problems on the s-g. The driven side bearing of the rotor (next to the freewheel or clutch) in my machine is 6203, a standard DIN bearing; but the s-g migth have been re-engineerd sometime. I cannot remember a clutch bearing, apart from the freewheel-rollers, but I will check the pics I made.

If I find something, I will put it on the thread 'motor-generator 6 cyl. 1924', to keep to the subject.

Cheers, Lex

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