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1965 Wildat chrome road wheels

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Complete used set of 4 chrome road wheels that are in excellent condition. These were purchased in early 70s from Buick parts department. These chrome wheels were on a '64 for a short time and then taken off the car and have been in storage ever since. Wheels have the silver paint and come with like-new Atlas tires. The centers are the 1965 Wildcat (red) versions and the setup includes NOS lug nuts. This is a complete setup that you could put on a '65 Wildcat and take the car to a show. Price is $2,000 for the wheels, caps, lug nuts, and tires. Shipping is not included. Contact mitchromanowski@sbcglobal.net








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im looking for the center caps for a 1964 wildcat.

any extra's or are you willing to sell thoses center caps???

OR do you know where i can locate a set of four?

thanks John


You will find that these are 65 centers only.....they may work and if you are not looking for originality they will look great.

64 were very different with a black background and chrome/silver wildcat emblem.

65's with the red background were a one year only with the 66 being different again.

Google 64 Wildcat center cap and you will see some examples.

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The seller of these wheels also sells reproduction center caps for a number of different Buick rally wheels. If you email him (instead of posting here) to inquire he can confirm if he has what you need. I have purchased several different center caps from Mitch over the years and have been very happy...

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The flat 1964 Formula 5 center caps with the chrome Wildcat logo on a black background are not being reproduced yet. One needs to search or restore the ones you have. I have been trying to gather good examples of these myself. Good luck.

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