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cam sensor magnet

harry yarnell

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Guest Mc_Reatta

That seems like overkill. Just pull the water pump pulley and use a mirror to see into the opening if needed while you remove the old one and install the new.

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Guest Recian

is that for replacing the pickup in the timing cover? for the E 041 the cheater way to install it without removing the timing cover. any chance you could give a link to your help page for that padgett?

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Well guys, lowering the cradle is the way to go!

Backround: I've done maybe three magnet replacements via the Braille method.

I've got fat fingers with athritus. This tme, I couldn't do it.

Removing the three nuts holding the right strut, the three right cradle bolts, and lowering it 4" allows you access to the cam sensor hole thrugh the wheel well; It's right there!

I did the magnet installation including initial cleanup, in 15 minutes.

Oh, support the a-arm to protect the brake hose that will sure to bind.

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I'll bet you have a lift.

Been looking for a medium rise scissors for some time. Also considered a MaxJack but the "blem wit" is the Vixen is 6300 lbs and everything around $2k is only 6,000lbs rated. What I need is 3,000 kg but that seems to be norm in other countries & to get a 7,000 lb rating doubles the price.

So for me with long slim fingers, from the top is easier.

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