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For Sale or Trade 1929 Auburn Conv, Sedan

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My friend has a 1929 Auburn 120 Conv. Sedan for sale or trade for a 1927-1932 Packard, Lincoln or any other high quality automobile. He will trade up or down, restored or non restored. Here are a few pic of the Auburn. PM me and I will have him call you as he is not to computer savy.




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The owner is waiting for the apprasial to get back to him. I will post it when he gives it to me. Indianfour, I did not receive your PM for some reason. I will have more pic next week as the Auburn is being cleaned from garage storage. I cannot tell you the owners name at his request. I per say am doing his leg work for him. He wants to trade or sell this beautiful car. The opportunity to purchase such a fine 1929 Auburn Conv. Sedan does not come up to often. Thank you all for your interest.

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