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I have several new old stock front and rear fenders 1922 -1930 for sale.

Most are unidentified.

If anyone has a need, email me with a pic or sketch with dimensions and I`ll check.

Ship via Greyhould or free delivery from Winston Salem, NC

enroute to Danvers, MA 7-6-11 or Hershey in Oct.




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"several" he says....:rolleyes:

and I am sure he only had to travel a "few" miles to procure them. Just a "couple" of states over and a "little" down south.

"Watch that curb Bob!!! Ooops, too late" :D

:eek: "We've only got 7 miles before we're out of fuel Bob, I think I can make this U-turn!!! Told ya I could..." :cool:

"Stop and I'll hold that sign up while you take a picture"

Anybody recognize where this is? If so I feel for ya......


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