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need underhood firewall pics 32, 66s


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I have the shop manual but the pictures are not very good and dont show the rod placement or where anything goes threw the firewall.

Also need some pictures of what holds the hood in place. I have a new chrome hood hinge? (The chrome piece that holds both sides of the hood together) But what holds it to the cowl and radiator??

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Have you made contact yet with Mac Blair in Indiana, PA? He had the brackets for sale at one time, but they may have been depleted. If so, you might have to have them made. You should be able to see the screw holes at the radiator support and cowl. The piano hinge fets over those brackets. How did the previous owner drive the car without them. He was taking a chance the hood would blow off, I think. If you need Mac address, and phone number ket me know. He can send you a list of what he has.


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I did get in touch with Mac Blair. He is a big help with this car. Found out it was an early production car #199 off the line. And I now know where the vin # is. They have it registered with the engine #. Will have to get that corrected. Still waiting for my gas tank to come out of the renew shop and the radiator to get done. So in the mean time I am fixing a bunch of little things and doing some modifacations to get more leg room. Hope to have it on the road by the end of this month.

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