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55 Pat. parts car or very ambitious resto

Guest AlK

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This weekend, with thanks to a very congenial Packardophile, I will journey only to Roanoke, VA. instead of having to go all the way to Mass. to pick this car up. All I am getting off of it is all of the A/C stuff. The rest of the car is available. My route back will be I-81S to I-77S thru Charlotte, I-85S thru Atlanta and on to home Columbus/Phenix city area. If you can use this parts car tell me where you are located along that route and delivery is almost assured. I am asking $750/BO for the car. It is all there. The man I bought it from says the engine was siezed (not a car buff) but he never attempted to try and get it unstuck, just started to take it apart without doing due dilligence to discover if in fact it was siezed or just stuck, big difference. If it is siezed then all that is needed is to complete the disassembly and rebuild it. With that the rest of the parts are well worth the asking price. Let me know if there are any of you out there who will save me from "SHE WHO MUST BE OBEYED" who at this point is carefully reflecting on the various scenarios of letting me live, letting me live in pain, or putting me out of HER misery.


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Well the trip is done the car is home. If anyone is interested in pictures and description go to the Packardinfo.com website. There are two threads to look at in the for sale section. One is a thread on stricktly for sale of this car and it is titled 'for sale 55 patrician PAR DUEX. The other is 55 pat parts car or very ambitious resto. That thread morphed into conversation concerning A/C components. Take your pick.

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