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My First Project Car

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Well, I haven't posted in a few months. . . well there's good reason. I haven't really been able to get much done. . . :( However, I have done some more research and foundout some interesting things about my car. When it was bought in 1966, it cost $8,387.86. The base price was $6,631. The only options this car does not have are shoulder belts (safety doesn't sell) and headrests. It does, however, have the $227.75 of the Golden Touch Tuner AM/FM radio (high-tech :D) That was the most expensive option at the time.

Now as for the whole "not getting much done" thing. . . yeah, parts for this are extremely hard to find, even with the help of the Online Imperials Club. Not to mention, when I find them, they are way to expensive. But I have found a list of things that need done on this. Carb needs rebuilt, front end needs rebuilt, shocks all around, tires, battery, gas tank needs dropped and cleaned, tranny has a seal leak, and that's just so it'll run!!! As for cosmetics, headliner, seat re-upholstry, dent in rear bumper, rechroming, etc. . . needs a little work. But now that "spring" is here, time to get outside and go to work.

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