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WTB 1937 or 1939 Packard Super 8 engine

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Guest Imperialcoupe36

I have a 1940 Packard Custom Super 8 engine,#CC5055804, first year for 356 cubic inch. straight 8 with 9 main bearings. Hear it run in its original 148 inch wheel base 1940 Packard. Selling complete 1940 Packard, Invalid Coach, factory air, side mounts overdrive, rear luggage rack, many extra parts. $14,500. I'm in Berne, NY, only about 80 miles from Utica. Call 518-872-1119 or email: JPMCARCOLL@AOL.COM

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Louis, as we've discussed, I'm in the same predicament, with a bad 1938 block, although I'm lucky enough to have a complete '37 engine sitting in my storage warehouse.

Can anyone on the forum tell us for sure the difference between a 1937 and a 1938 Super 8 block? Is it a "bolt on" swap? Same head etc?

I have heard the water pump mounting is different but have not confirmed that.


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