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any experts on '69 GMC 3/4 ton trucks?


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Apologies in advance for the poor picture quality. I will have better pics tomorrow.

I just picked up this 1969 GMC 2500 series "custom camper" truck.

305 V6 engine, 8 lug 16" aluminum wheels, 4 on the floor, power steering, power brakes, under dash AC (works), new starter, alternator, gas tank (1 of 3), very little rust. Has new brakes all around, but does have a loud engine knock. Think it might be a spun bearing or ????. Drives fine, but due to the loud noise, I'm going back with a tow truck tomorrow to bring it home (or to the mechanic).

What's it worth? (What are the 4 wheels along worth?)

I know, hard to tell without pics...but how many style of 16" 8 lug aluminum GM rims are there?

I'm trying to decide whether to pay to have the bottom end of the engine rebuilt and use it as a beater/hauler/tow vehicle or to pass it along to another collector.

This BEAST rides very nice and drives so easy, especially compared to my bare bones '58.

Any experts out there on this truck? Would love to know more about it. (HP, Torque, production, etc).

It does need a new windshield and a new mexican blanket!





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My dad bought a 1969 KM2500 3/4 ton 4x4 4 speed with the 305-E V6 pickup new and I drove it for years. After 235,000 miles it spun #3 rod brearing (also had 4.56 gears) and I sold it.

I can help a bit from a technical standpoint as I spent time under the hood and chassis a few times.

The 305-E was based off of the 351 V6 that GMC used in their medium duty truck. It was a unique 60 degree design with a 4.25" bore and 3.58" stroke. It was a fairly low compression engine at 7.75:1 compression. 165 hp and 280 ft lbs of torque.



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Looks like it has the optional (for GMC) steel bed floor, plus the standard (for GMC) rear leaf springs.

The fact it has the GMC V-6 should make it somewhat desireable. Actually, I didn't recall that it was still available in that late of a year model pickup. GMC was still the lower-volume General Motors truck division, back then. It was unique to see a GMC anyway, down here, much less one with a "bent six" in it rather than the much more common Chevy engine . . . or the much more common Chevy pickup. All of the GMCs I saw with the V-6 were in the '66 and prior body series.

Although it is in useable condition, it certainly could be made into a nice truck. When they have the optional front sway bar, they not only ride nice but don't lean in the corners . . . which might not be as obvious in a 3/4t rather than a 1/2t.

Only flaky thing about the '67-'72 GMCs is that they used Dana rear axles rather than the "corporate" Chevy rear axles. Rear leaf springs were std on GMCs, optional on Chevys, but also had Dana axles attached to them, whereas the rear coil springs had the GM axles--at least on the 1/2t trucks.

"Custom Camper" was probably, as in the later years, a HD chassis option with a higher GVW rating.

What's listed on the "data page" on the inner side of the glove box lid are the "optional" items only. Other than the VIN and model number information.



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I drove the truck about a mile and it really is a unique ride.

It has sort of a "school bus" feel to the ride, but smoother. Lots of low end torque.

I didn't realize they were still using wood beds in '69. I figured the metal was standard.

Wish I had the ability to put it back in service myself, but need to thin the fleet before winter and there just isn't room for a giant truck!

Just sold my '58 Chevy truck too. :(

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